Florida Keys Survey

Continental United States: Survey 1
The Florida Keys is a 120 mile island chain that runs from the south-eastern most tip of the US continental landmass all the way to Key West - the island chain is connected by 42 bridges which can take commuters to within 90 miles of Cuba.

The main focus for our team while in the area is the Florida Keys Natural Marine Sanctuary which covers around 2,900 nautical miles of marine environment that surround the Florida Keys. The Marine Sanctuary is home to the only barrier reef system on the US continent and is a key location for coral reef scientists who want to understand how we can help reefs regenerate, in fact it's the site for a critical coral nursery which is operated by the Coral Restoration Foundation.

Whilst in the area we'll be collaborating with NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and will even be visiting the Aquarius Reef Base with FIU (the Florida International University).