Osprey Reef Survey

Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea Expedition: Survey 13
Osprey is a favourite dive site of our team. Technically, Osprey is not part of the Great Barrier Reef; it's found in the Coral Sea about 100km outside of the reef, an overnight trip for most dive boats. Osprey Reef is a submerged atoll, it's part of the Northwestern Group of the Coral Sea Islands.

Osprey is a wild and isolated world. Its almost vertical reef walls, which rise from a depth of 2000m, are home to a dwarf form of Nautilus pompilius that are found no-where else. One of the world's smallest fish, Schindleria brevipingius, is found in the Osprey Reef lagoon but it is the big fish that we especially love seeing here. Sharks, and lots of them!