Lizard Island Survey

Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea Expedition: Survey 33
UNESCO Marine World Heritage Site - inscribed in 1981
Lizard Island is a special place which is recognised as a National Park, it's home to the isolated Lizard Island Research Station which is operated by the Australian Museum. It's the Australian Museum who invited us to visit the Research Station to conduct baseline surveys of the region which has been recently been affected by Tropical Cyclone Ita.

The name Lizard Island was given by famous explorer Captain James Cook when he passed by in 1770. At the time Cook came ashore and climbed to the tallest peak on the island (since named "Cook's Look") so that he could locate a safe path for his boat through the maze of fringing reefs in the area. Cook noticed that the only land animals that he saw were lizards and so the island was named.