North Sulawesi Survey

South East Asia Expedition: Survey 4
The North Sulawesi region is the second Indonesian site that our University of Queensland / Global Change Institute survey team will cover in 2014 - the area is known as a hotspot for marine biodiversity and for ecological significance thanks to its position at the centre of the "Coral Triangle". In their "Reef's at Risk" report the World Resource Index identified that this area has "a high potential for integrated threats to the reef in some locations, primarily due to destructive fishing practices such as blast and cyanide fishing".

The survey team will look to cover a range of reefs during their intensive visit. They will spend time surveying the protected waters inside the Bunaken National Park (one of the largest MPA's in Indonesia) before they visit the busy Lembeh Strait area and the isolated reefs of Pulau Talisei and Pulau Bangka. Having a variety of reefs so geographically close together, but with such varied levels of human influence should produce a very interesting data set for scientists and makes this a fantastic survey area for our team.