East Timor Survey

South East Asia Expedition: Survey 3
Our third survey site in South East Asia provides an interesting focus for a few key reasons; relative to other locations in the region the levels of fishing here are minuscule, and due to an unfortunate recent history of civil unrest East Timor remains fairly undeveloped (in terms of built structures). Based on these two facts our scientific survey team are very hopeful that the local coral reefs will be in great condition. Whilst in East Timor we'll be working in partnership with international environmental non-profit agency Conservation International and also with NOAA who have completed a local two year fish survey giving us some great data to build upon.

Key sites on our itinerary include - The Nino Konis Santana National Park (East Timor's first national park) which has been identified as a possible region for dive tourism development, and the shoreline of the Oecusse enclave which has been identified as a special economic zone. Port development for import and export activities is predicted here, and government interests wish to better understand the possible ecological impacts of these projects. The data that we capture will help all involved make informed development decisions in the region.