Expedition update: Ribbon Reef 3

We’ve now come to the end of Expedition 3 and have managed to survey the majority of the sites that we aimed to, despite some testing weather conditions. Overall, we’ve carried out 28 scientific transects over eight locations covering just shy of 44km of reef. When we think back to Expedition 1 which focused on the reefs that had been in the direct path of Cylcone Yasi it's clear that this area wasn't hit quite as hard. The corals at many of these sites appear to be in a healthy state, and we’ve only experienced a few sites that had some coral damage and overgrowth of turf algae. There are a couple of notable things that the team has experienced in this expedition. Firstly, we were blown away by the abundance of fish life at the Ribbon Reefs, especially at the openings of the channels connecting the lagoon to the Coral Sea. Secondly, the stunning water clarity at Osprey which has allowed corals to grow much deeper than we'd expected. Off we now go to Heron Island and the protected One Tree Island.