Expedition update: Osprey Reef

Our last day at Osprey and there were barely any ripples in the water. Winds had calmed right down and the visibility was stunning. We took advantage of these great conditions and surveyed more of the northeastern part of Osprey. The reefs here had an array of coral morphs but what stood out for the team were these large colonies of Green Plating Corals, quite distinct and much bigger than the other coral colonies. One of our transects actually wrapped around “North Horn,” a famous diving location where weekly shark feedings take place. These sharks, mostly Whitetips, Silvertips and Grey Reef Sharks, reside in Osprey throughout the year and hardly move to other reef sites. Additionally, many of them are concentrated in the northern part of Osprey. As we passed North Horn there were quite a few swimming in the area, waiting for their next meal, which they soon realized did not come from us! Overall, we’ve managed to survey about 22km of reef in the last five days. This includes the majority of the reefs running along the western side of Osprey to the northeast.