Expedition update: Osprey Reef

The two dives we did today were some of our favourite dives of the expeditions - the reef here is just so healthy and picturesque. It does seem that the further we get from humanity the healthier and more inspiring the reef becomes. One surprising thing we did see on the deep dives today is that there is a constant rain of fine white sand constantly falling down off the reef above. This is quite beautiful – the corals appear to be covered in a light dusting of snow and rivers of white sand run in channels between the corals heads. While it looks quite magical to us it probably makes life very difficult for the corals – the “snow” cloaks the corals cutting off their life-giving sunlight while the “rivers” threaten to drown them. Still, out here in the Coral Sea this is a natural limiting factor – the sand is a natural product of the reef and there are no human sources of sediments such as farmland and cities.