Expedition update: Curacao

A very good few days for the Catlin Seaview Survey team. The weather has been in our favour, which means we've managed to work in some of the lesser visited areas which are far more difficult to access. Two very interesting and under-studied sites that have been the focus of the past 3 days are the north coast of Curacao and Klein Curacao. The northeastern coast has the most pristine reefs that we have seen in the whole country. We spent some time at 'Tarpon Arch', an iconic natural arch/bridge where we saw large tarpon fish (hence the name of the site). This location has great coral cover and diversity, the clarity of the water was fantastic too thanks to all of this settled weather. Klein Curacao is a remote coral key about 20km southeast of Curacao main island. Coral cover is high and very diverse, the structure of this reef is as good as any we have seen in the area, which gives us hope that this might be a hub for corals in the area. Here we covered almost the entire fringing reef of the key. A great place to finish our Curacao surveys. We now have 2 days in the research base to back-up all of our new data and pack down all of our equipment before we head to Bonaire on boat. Weather allowing we will be surveying again late this week.