Expedition update: Unnamed Reefs

This area was damaged by 2 cylcones; cyclone Ingrid in 2005 and cyclone Larry in 2006. Each were powerful cyclones (Category 5), the latter being the most costly tropical cyclone to ever impact Australia at the time. The reefs facing the weather were more heavily damaged and are still showing signs of destruction today. But the good news is that they are slowly growing back with small colonies recolonizing the damaged space. The sheltered areas are still in good condition. Fish life is stunning, with large schools of Bat Fish, Bumphead Parrot Fish, and good numbers of Grey Whalers and White Tip Sharks. On our way to the dive sites we spotted two Minke Whales and we were greeted by a pod of 60 Spinner Dolphins who decided to play with us for a while. So not only did they delay our diving but they continued to distract us throughout the dive as we constantly kept hearing their very distinctive singing! … ok … these are magical moments and reminded us how privileged we are to dive in these remote locations and experience nature at its core.