The team arrives in Mexico

Image: A parrotfish welcomes us to Mexico


Today the team completed our first transects in Mexico. 

Our new survey vessel struck bad weather on its way to meet us in Mahahual which has put us behind schedule for the Mexican leg of our Caribbean expedition. The boat is very well equipped (the team are very excited to have AC in the cabin!). We spent yesterday loading the boat and organising the hundreds of kilograms of survey equipment, at the same time the tender had a crane arm attached to it (for lifting of the SVII camera into and out of the water). Finally though today we could steam out of port and commence our underwater work again.

Surveying Mahahual, Mexico

Today the reef transects were completed just outside of the Mahahual township. We were not expecting to see so much coral so close to the beach (especially since Mahahual had a large hurricane in 2007 - Hurricane Dean). We saw an eagle ray, green moray eel, juvenile turtles, plenty of groupers and midnight parrotfish. The reef had really deep canyons that split into even narrower channels (Spur and Groove) so plenty to see.

Tomorrow we head to Chinchorro and hope to spend a couple of days surveying the region. It is a 45km long, 14km wide submerged coral ring which has plenty of shipwrecks around it - hoping to get some great shots in the area!