Expedition update: Curacao

After an intense period of fieldwork preparation in Australia and the long trip to get to the Caribbean, we’ve arrived on the Caribbean island Curaçao. Everybody was really happy to arrive on the island, and many of the team members have worked here on previous research projects. CARMABI research station, located at Piscadera Bay on the south side of Curaçao, will be our research base for the next couple of weeks. This location is perfect for us, as right in front of the research station there is an amazing fringing reef that extends down to 65m and after crossing a small plateau (mostly sand) the reef extends even deeper, perfect territory for our ROV to explore these lower-photic reef communities. The last couple of days we have been preparing a lot of things 'above water', including organizing our headquarters for all equipment, first assessment of our research sites, building temperature logger stands/deep water moorings, and running trials for our diving/ROV equipment. After all these necessary preparations, we are really looking forward to the coming week in which we will be able to start all our research projects and get in the water properly.