Join us for 'World Oceans Day'

This week is a big one for ocean awareness as this Saturday June 8th is 'World Oceans Day' - the planet's largest celebration of the ocean. 

The Catlin Seaview Survey team will be involved in Hangouts both above and below the water for World Oceans Day this year;

- Shark specialist Richard Fitzpatrick will be speaking live from underwater on the Ribbon Reefs (pictured above is a shot captured by the SVII camera on survey in the area last year) 

- And Project Director Richard Vevers will be speaking on multiple Hangouts from our Survey HQ.


You can tune in to the following G+ Hangouts to get involved:


Reef Live 12 hour hangout event - live from the Great Barrier Reef

Friday 7th June, 10am -10pm, East Coast Australian time
Ask a question #reeflive
Tune in here:

Online Ocean Symposium - The first of 3 Hangouts in a World Oceans Day global series

Saturday 8th June, 2pm, East Coast Australian time
Tune in here: