Training Big Brother to look at coral reefs
Surveying mass bleaching in the Maldives with IUCN
Resurveying Hawaii after a major coral bleaching event
Taiwan - That's a Wrap
Kenting National Park and the Maanshan Nuclear Power Plant
Surveying Green Island
The XL Catlin Seaview Survey visits Taiwan
Bleaching Watch on the Great Barrier Reef
Returning to Heron Island
Coral Reef Conservation Goes Hi-Tech
Wrapping Up in East Timor
A Second Visit to Atauro Island
Return to Timor Leste to Assess Coral Health
A Sea of Coral Bleaching: Warning Lights for the Planet
An Experience Worth Sharing
Coral Bleaching in Hawaii
The XL Catlin Seaview Survey revisits Hawaii
Scientists Confirm Global Coral Bleaching Event for 2015
Reflections on Hawaii
Ancient Hawaiian Fishponds
Hawaii Reef Sculptors
How was Hawaii Formed?
Coral Reef Complexity and Hawaiian Reefs
Arriving in Hawaii – a collaboration with NOAA
Are ‘good bacteria’ the key to protecting coral from bleaching or disease?
Reflections on the Maldives
Localized Threats to Coral Reefs in the Maldives
Assessing Maldivian Fish Populations
Exploring the depths of the Maldives
Algae on the reef: Gauging reef health by overlooked species
Exploring the Effect of Development on Coral Reefs
Arriving in the Maldives
Contemplating Chagos – Outpost for coral
Staghorn corals of the deep - a cradle of life for threatened coral reefs?
Paradise Found
Google Trekking in Chagos
Surveying the least human influenced marine environment on Earth
The Remote Chagos Archipelago
Catlin Seaview Survey is recognised by TIME Magazine. Again.
Connecting Data: Catlin Seaview Survey and NOAA
A Key Milestone Achievement: Return to the Great Barrier Reef
Re-Creating a Three-Dimensional Reef
Understanding the Mesophotic Zone
Monitoring Change Over Time on the Great Barrier Reef
Remote and protected … but still vulnerable
Game-Changing Visual Record of the Great Barrier Reef
Reflections on the Solomon Islands
A Potential New Dimension for the SVII: Fish
Hawaii in hot water
Catlin Seaview Survey joins forces with the Living Oceans Foundation
Bleaching Alert: Hawaii
The Challenges in Marine Protected Areas
Karimunjawa National Park
Underwater Seeps in the Sangihe Islands
Could this be the last place on Earth where corals will survive?
The Elusive Ocean Sunfish
Meeting a Local Bunaken Collaborator
Diving in the “Muck Diving” Capital of the World- The Lembeh Straits
Discovering North Sulawesi
The Mangroves of Manado
An introduction to North Sulawesi
Coral Reef Challenges in the Cook Islands
Capturing the world's first 360° humpback whale imagery
Tracking humpbacks in the Cook Islands
Revealing America's National Marine Sanctuaries with NOAA
26 transects and 50km of coral reef surveys
Surveying Atauro Island
Surveying the Nino Konis Santana National Park
An introduction to Timor-Leste
ABC Report: Richard Vevers discusses latest survey
The GBR: Before and After a Category 5 Cyclone
A 360° Infographic for Coral Triangle Day
Dive on a World Heritage site for World Oceans Day
Reflections on Komodo
Iconic Marine Giants
The Dragons of Indonesia
Entering the Ring of Fire
The Pyramids of Amed
Diving the USAT Liberty Wreck in Tulamben
Departing the Philippines
Impressions of a Catlin Oceans Scholar: Kristen
Meeting a Marine Park Manager
We're off to the Philippines, first stop Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park
Surveying Sydney Harbour with the Sydney Institute of Marine Science
Two years, 19 countries, 1 million images
Preparing the 2014 field team
How you can study coastal ecosystems with Catlin Seaview Survey scientists
Revisiting the Deep Reef 12 months on
2013 in numbers: The Caribbean & Bermuda
Anguilla and a surprise stop over in St Eustatius
Ecosystem resilience in the Caribbean
Surveying Guadeloupe
Ocean Acidification & the Turks and Caicos Islands
Putting a price on coral reefs
A First Look at Turks and Caicos
Sharks in the Bahamas
The Bahamas: A Large Archipelago Under Pressure
Tagging Tiger Sharks
Findings from the field: northern Bahamas
Monaco: A European pilot survey
Coral Reefs Can Help Reduce Shoreline Erosion
St. Vincent Island fishing practises
A reef growing on a hot spring
Flattening of Caribbean Coral Reefs
A first look at St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Coral Bleaching in Bermuda
Lionfish - an introduced species
Boilers on the ocean surface
Bermuda's corals and the Gulf Stream
Revealing our oceans through the Catlin Global Reef Record
The Shallow Reefs of Bermuda
Bermuda: A seamount in the Atlantic
Deep Reef Specialists in Bermuda
Revealing the Galapagos
Back at base
Impressions of Mexico
Counting all the fish in the sea
Coral disease on the reef
The team arrives in Mexico
The Atoll Reefs of Belize
Going Global: A scientific race against time
Algae on the reef
Returning to Belize: A first hand account
A Plastic Invasion
Scientific Surveys of Belize
Manta Rays on Lady Elliot Island
Mutualism on the reef
Join us for 'World Oceans Day'
Unveiling the Galapagos Islands
Google I/O and a huge Potato Cod
The Claw - How to catch a tiger shark
Back to Heron Island
Innovation in Exploration G+ Hangout
Expedition update: Curacao
Deep Reef science with Dr Pim
Expedition update: Aruba
Expedition update: Bonaire
Expedition update: Bonaire
Expedition update: Bonaire
Expedition update: Curacao
Expedition update: Curacao
Expedition update: Curacao
The Deepest Coral
Expedition update: North Broken Passage
Expedition update: Tydeman Reef
Expedition update: Wilson Reef
Expedition update: Unnamed Reefs
Expedition update: Unnamed Reefs
Expedition update: Tijou Reef
Pioneering Camera Technology
Expedition update: Wishbone Reef
Deep Reef Discoveries
Expedition update: Saunders Reef
Expedition update: Great Detatched Reef
Expedition update: Great Detatched Reef
CNN's Going Green with Philippe Cousteau
Expedition update: Agincourt Reef
Expedition update: Agincourt Reef
Expedition update: Opal Reef
Expedition update: St Crispins Reef
Expedition update: Norman Reef
Expedition update: Mantis Reef
Expedition update: Wilson Island
Expedition update: One Tree Island
Expedition update: Ribbon Reef 3
Expedition update: Ribbon Reef 9
Expedition update: The Cod Hole
Expedition update: Day Reef
Expedition update: Osprey Reef
Expedition update: Osprey Reef
Expedition update: Osprey Reef
Expedition update: Osprey Reef
Expedition update: Osprey Reef
Expedition update: Yonge Reef
Expedition update: Ribbon Reef 10
Expedition update: Yongala Wreck
Expedition update: Ribbon Reef 5