The Third Global Coral Bleaching Event Decomposing soft coral after bleaching Death of a coral reef after bleaching Coral bleaching in the Maldives May 2016 Bleached coral on a reef in the Maldives May 2016 Panorama of coral bleaching in the Maldives during May 2016 Snorkeler surveying coral bleaching in the Maldives during May 2016 Panorama of coral bleaching in New Caledonia during March 2016 Coral bleaching in New Caledonia during March 2016 Filming the coral bleaching at Lizard Island during March 2016 Bleached Coral at Lizard Island March 2016 Scuba diver checks out the bleaching at Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef March 2016 Coral bleaching in Fiji during March 2016 Turtle swims over bleached coral at Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef February 2016 Surveying the bleaching at Heron Island during February 2016 Marine biologist surveys bleaching in American Samoa during February 2015 Surveying bleaching in Hawaii during October 2014 Taiwan Expedition Taiwan Cover Image SVII surveying at Green Island SVII surveying the Big Mushroom coral SVII surveying the Big Mushroom coral Catherine and Dragons Gate Loading the second scooter Prof. Allen Chen and Tyrone discuss a site Green Island Marine Research Station Loading the SVII SVII surveying the reef SVII Images SVII Camera SVII in the Coral Sea SVII-S and Christophe Bailhache SVII-S and bleaching in Bermuda SVII & Galapagos Sealions SVII captures coral bleached fire coral SVII in Bermuda SVII & Substation Curacao SVII in Curacao SVII on the Great Barrier Reef SVII on the Great Barrier Reef SVII on the Great Barrier Reef SVII in Galapagos The Great Barrier Reef & Coral Sea Campaign GBR Cover image Great Barrier Reef: Revisited The Shallow Reef team head out for a day of surveying Pim and Norbert launching underwater robots at the start of another deep dive The BBC shooting the Deep Reef team launching the underwater robot The Shallow Reef team depart for the day One of the Underwater Robots starting another deep dive Pete Dalton working on the SVII camera The BBC shoots the team in action on the Great Barrier Reef A sudden squall on the Great Barrier Reef North Broken Passage Nurse Shark A pair of gobies Knife Reef Coral Wall Dog-faced Pufferfish Christmas Tree Worm Lionfish Yongala Wreck Spotted Eagle Ray Marbled Sting Ray Six Banded Angel Fish Moray Eel Marbled Sting Ray Close-Up Rays Swimming Over Yongala Wreck Six Banded Angel Fish Diver Swimming Below the Bow of the Yongala A Ray on the Yongala Ribbon Reef No.10 Moorish Idols School of Bigeye Trevally Lionfish with 13 poisonous spines Anemone Fish Nudibranch Hawkfish Potato Cod and Diver Spiny Cheek Anemone Fish Barramundi Cod Lizard Fish Coral Trout Cuttlefish Sunrise on Ribbon Reef No.10 Yonge Reef Papua Toby Tiny Crab on a Coral Sample Dog-faced Pufferfish Oyster Hard Coral Osprey Reef Reefscape Starfish White Tip Shark Whip Goby Sea Fan / Gorgonian Coral Papua Toby Catlin Seaview Survey Research Vessel Day Reef Yellowtail Fang Blenny with parasites Saddled Butterfly Fish Spine-cheek Anemone Fish Spine-cheek Anemone Fish Chicken Reef Whip Goby on a Gorgonian Coral Royal Dottyback Wire Coral Goby Blenny Davies Reef Nudibranch with snowflake gills Thorny Oyster Anemone Fish in Anemone Coral Dwarf Goby Long Beaked Coral Fish Myrmidon Reef Anemone Shrimp Wrasse Anemone Fish Reef Cod Hermit Crab Flinders Reef Invisible Goby Fire Dartfish Comb Jellyfish Damselfish Blenny Dog-faced Pufferfish Hermit Crab Hermit Crab Grey Reef Shark Lizardfish Nudibranch Holmes Reef Corals Fangtoothed Blenny Coral Octopus Sea Fan / Gorgonian Coral Christmas Tree Worm Lady Elliot Island Lionfish Manta Ray Green Turtle Snapshot of Lady Elliot Island Nudibranch Nudibranch Anemone Fish Turtle Harlequin Tuskfish Christmas Tree Worm Nudibranch Ray Ray Anemone Fish Turtle Bigeye Trevally Heron Island Harlequin Tuskfish Anemone Fish Baby Lionfish Nudibranch Pipefish Black Tip Reef Shark Eyes Turtle from above Nautilus Ray Turtle Close-up Turtle Parrotfish secreting a protective cocoon Rays Lionfish Turtle Back to Heron Island Snorkelling with a Lemon Shark HMAS Protector Turtle Turtle Shark Under the Pier Ray and Diver Lizard Island Dwarf Minke Whale and SVII-S Potato Cod SVii-S and soft corals Dwarf Minke Whale & SVII-S SVII-S & a giant clam Flying away from Lizard Island The Cod Hole Potato Cod Potato Cod and Scooter Potato Cod and SVII Driver Potato Cod and Scooter Potato Cod Potato Cod Potato Cod Potato Cod Potato Cod Potato Cod and Diver Potato Cod Potato Cod Potato Cod Sweetlips Potato Cod Potato Cod Potato Cod Ribbon Reef No.9 Cuttlefish Clown Triggerfish Whip Goby Anemone Fish Grey Shark Titan Triggerfish Coral Cod Cuttlefish Titan Triggerfish Pixies Garden Barracuda Tydeman Reef Fire Dartfish Blue-Streak Goby Yellowtail Coris Wilson Reef Anemone and Anemonefish Batfish Nudibranch Topside Pink Anemonefish Sweetlips and cleaner wrasse Unnamed Reefs Goby Crocodilefish Hermit Crab Spiny Cheeked Anemone Fish Nudibranch Blenny Tijou Reef Soft Coral Garden Worms Pipefish Nudibranchs Nudibranch Nudibranch Mantis Reef Nudibranch Fish Lice Wishbone Reef Orange Spotted Filefish Glass Shrimp Saunders Reef Sea Anemone Porcupine Ray or Thorny Ray Sea Cucumber Great Detached Reef Compound Ascidians Soft Coral Pipefish Pufferfish Lionfish Lionfish Posing for Diver Thorny Oyster Nudibranch Underwater Photoshoot: Clown fish Agincourt Reef Hawksbill Turtle Maori Wrasse Maori Wrasse Parrotfish teethmarks in hard coral Juvenile Goby on Brain Coral Damselfish (Reticulated Dascyllus) Brick Soldierfish Staghorn Coral Juvenile fish and Sea Fan / Gorgonian Coral Feather Stars Nudibranchs Diver and Maori Wrasse Mimic Filefish Maori Wrasse St Crispins Reef Cuttlefish Crown of Thorns Starfish Cuttlefish Loggerhead Turtle Algae on the reef Opal Reef Nudibranch Moray Eel Moray Eel Sandperch Coral on Opal Anemone Fish Christmas Tree Worms Cod Red Bullseye Fish Dogface Pufferfish Porcupinefish Norman Reef Turtle Parrotfish Juvenile Filefish Spotted Sweetlips Desirable Flabellina Wilson Island Giant Porites Coral Schooling Fish Coral One Tree Island Popcorn Coral Cod Loggerhead Turtle Long Beaked Coral Fish Ribbon Reef No.3 Spanish Flag Snappers and the SVII Bommie Fish Steve's Bommie Plaque Steve's Bommie and the SVII Steve's Bommie and the SVII Stone Fish Stone Fish Stone Fish Stone Fish Anemone Fish Spanish Flag Snappers Snapper on Bommie Stone Fish Shrimp Minke Whales Ribbon Reef No.5 Giant Clam Giant Clam Anemone Reef Giant Clam Giant Clam Giant Clam Giant Clam and Diver Anemone Fish in its habitat Red-lined Jorunna Nudibranch Giant Clam Banana Nudibranch Anemone Fish Hiding Fusiliers Lizard Fish Heron Island: Revisited The team being filmed on location Heron Island mesocosms Explaining the SVII camera Ready for a day of surveying Caribbean & Bermuda Campaign Caribbean Gallery Belize Fairy Basslet SVII-S Soldierfish SVII on Glovers Reef Sea Snail Palm Hard coral Filefish Shark Sea Snail Filefish The Blue Hole Blenny on Brain Coral Reefscape Blenny Sea Snail Pipefish The Blue Hole Anguilla Juvenile Lobster Sea snail Coral Cod close up Soldier fish Cuttlefish Schooling fish Fish traps and the SVII Guadeloupe LionFish Moray Anglerfish Coral Cod Seahorse Sea snail Queen Angelfish Dolphins Turks and Caicos SVII and snorkeller The Team Being Filmed for a Discovery Documentary Planning SVII Divers Beginning Descent Barracuda Barracuda Barracuda Behind the scenes with Discovery Channel Lionfish Bahamas SVII-S and freediver Bigeye Trevally Staghorn coral on Long-Caye The MV Spree Research Vessel Equipment on the MV Spree Waves on the marina breakwall St Vincent & the Grenadines Pete and the SVII Ready to survey St. Vincent Changing the SVII battery Pete and the SVII The SVII camera on a davit Bermuda The team in Bermuda SVII & Equipment cleaning post dive Conch Queen Angelfish Mangroves Sargassum Fish Tugboat Wreck Pudding wife and Corals Lionfish Prof. Ove Hoegh-Guldberg in Bermuda Mexico SVII-S SVII-S & Underwater Museum SVII-S & Whale Shark Whale sharks & manta rays Crab Splendid Toadfish Fish Nurse Sharks Lobster Angelfish Anemone Curacao Blackbar Soldierfish by a Giant Sea Fan Squid Sea Horse Sea Fan Sandiver Reefscape Reefscape Red Spotted Hawkfish Common Octopus Hawksbill Turtle Frogfish Reefscape A Diver Angelfish Bottlenose Dolphins Smooth Trunkfish Secretary Blenny Moray Eel Wreck and Diver Bonaire Spotted Eagle-Ray Rock Cod Tiger Grouper Hawksbill Turtle Row Pore Rope Sponge Seahorse Longlure Frogfish A School of Snapper Sea Fan / Gorgonian Coral A Stoplight Parrotfish Frogfish Burrfish A Trio of Jackknife Fish Green Sea Turtle Tiger Grouper Coral Close-up of a Batwing Crab Balloonfish Butterflyfish Parrotfish Aruba Antilla Wreck Antilla Wreck Antilla Wreck Antilla Wreck South East Asia Campaign SE Asia Cover Philippines Turtle and Remoras Pink Anemone Fish Anemone Shrimp Mandarinfish Red Rock Cod Timor Leste / East Timor Securing the scooters Local Landscape Our Research Vessel - The Sundancer North Sulawesi Green Turtle Crinoid Shrimp Ribbon Eel Box fish Reefscape Pufferfish and cleaner wrasse Solomon Islands Emperor angelfish Anemone fish Blue-spotted stingray Reefscape Nudibranch Komodo & Bali Balinese tank porter SVII-S camera surveying Porites coral at Amed Reefscape at Amed SVII-S glides past the USAT Liberty shipwreck at Tulamben Divers have a pre-dive brief at Tulamben Manta Rays at Komodo Blue striped blenny Yellow boxfish Anemone Fish Reef Sharks Crown of thorns starfish Blue-faced angelfish Indian Ocean Campaign Indian Ocean cover Chagos A large brain coral A busy Chagos reef scene A shark cruising along the reef Reef fish and hard corals Grouper Maldives A resort in the distance on a house reef surveyed on Kandholhu Fishing net entangled in coral Shallow coral reef Deep Reef Team collecting samples from different depths to assess genetic difference between communities Placing coral samples into the collection vessel Deep Reef Team final pre-dive briefing at surface Photographing quadrats along a sample transect Deep Reef Team processing their samples Moray Eel Fishing net found by our divers is brought up to the surface Launching the SVII in the Maldives Turtle Divers removing a fishing net from corals Pacific Ocean Campaign Pacific Ocean cover Hawaii Launching the SVII in Hawaii The SVII surveying the coral reefs of Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii Early signs of coral bleaching in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii Hawaii: Revisited Site Selection Community event in Lahaina SVII surveying bleached corals Hawaii: Revisit II Manuel exiting the water Pete and Manuel getting ready SVII surveying coral mortality Galapagos Expedition Galapagos cover Revealing Galapagos with Google Maps SVII & Turtle Sea Lion at Devils Crown SVII SVII and Turtle SVII in the Blue SVII Team Turtle Sea Lion Scorpionfish Pufferfish Panamic Fanged Blenny Galapagos Batfish Sea Lions Marine Iguana Sea Lion Sea Lions and the SVII camera SVII & Spotted Eagle Ray Pilot Surveys & Special Collections Pilot Surveys Cover Monaco The SVII-S in Monaco Seagrass in Monaco SVII-S and a Seastar Oceanographic Museum of Monaco Seawall and fish American Samoa American Samoa corals The SVII-S and'Big Momma', a huge Porites coral The SVII-S surveying over Big Momma The first day surveying Reefscape The SVII-S in American Samoa Turtle Moody skies Ocean swell Brazil SVII-S and Google Trecker: Atoll Rocas Volcanic reef hole: Fernando de Noronha Turtle and SVII-S: Fernando de Noronha SVII-S and Ray: Fernando de Noronha Cook Islands Tagging Humpback whales Nan Houser & Christophe Bailhache Tracking humpback whales Florida Keys Our Miami welcoming party SVII takes in the "Christ of the Abyss" "Christ of the Abyss" statue Soft corals dominate in the Florida Keys SVII & Florida's endangered staghorn coral Surveying Florida's Coral Restoration Foundation SVII & The FIU Aquarius Reefbase The FIU Aquarius Reefbase Sunset at our Florida HQ Dr Sylvia Earle with the SVII camera Byron Bay Diver and Julian Rocks Green Turtle SVII and Wobbegong Batfish Hawaii Hanauma Bay, Oahu Hanauma Bay Reef, Oahu Sydney Survey Team Working in Sydney Harbour Giant Cuttlefish A Weedy Seadragon with Carl Gustaf Lundin of IUCN SVII Camera Surveying North Bondi SVII Camera Surveying Beneath a Surfer at Bondi Beach Vanuatu Aerial view of the expedition boat and the SVII-S Dardanella, TBA21 Academy's boat for the Vanuatu expedition The SVII-S in action at dusk in Vanuatu The pristine coral reef at Tongoa Reef, Vanuatu Christophe & the SVII-S at Laika Island, Vanuatu The SVII-S at Tongoa Wall Tongoa Reef Laika Island UNESCO Marine World Heritage Sites Lady Elliot Island: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Wilson Reef: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Manta Rays, Lady Elliot Island: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Turtles, Heron Island: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Cod Hole: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park The Blue Hole: Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System The SVII camera on Glover's Reef: Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System Eagle Ray on Glover's Reef: Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System Schooling fish: Galapagos Islands Sea lions: Galapagos Islands Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park Sian Ka'an, Mexico Sian Ka'an, Mexico Manta Rays: Komodo National Park Manta Rays: Komodo National Park Video Gallery Videos Header Seaview Science Videos Seaview Science: Coral Reefs Seaview Science: Coral Polyps Seaview Science: Giant Clams Seaview Science: Reefs in Recovery Seaview Science: Reef Caves Seaview Science: Biodiversity Seaview Science: Sea Cucumbers Seaview Science: Changing Reefs Seaview Science: Clown Fish Symbiosis Seaview Science: Shifting Baselines Seaview Science: Jellyfish Seaview Science: Coral Coring Seaview Science: The SVII Seaview Science: Crinoids Caribbean Survey Videos Whale Sharks & Manta Rays: Isla Contoy, Mexico Catlin Global Reef Record Launch Great Barrier Reef Survey Videos A Green Turtle on Wilson Reef Following a White Tip Shark on Heron Island Tracking a turtle on Heron Island Manta Ray Highway at Lady Elliot Island Manta Ray flips at Lady Elliot Island The caves at Flinders Reef Dolphin Spotting The stingrays of the SS Yongala Wreck Stingrays riding the currents of the Yongala Wreck Dolphin pod at Myrmidon Reef Swimming with an 11ft Bull Shark Dolphins on the Great Barrier Reef Guss the Giant Queensland Grouper Underwater Classroom Underwater Classroom: Reef Sharks Underwater Classroom: Coral Bleaching Underwater Classroom: Clownfish Underwater Classroom: Sea Cucumber Underwater Classroom: Wall of Mouths Underwater Hangouts Sydney Seahorse Hunt - A WPC G+ Hangout Google+ & Catlin Seaview Survey: Underwater Hangouts Google+ Night Dive Hangout Earth Day 2013 Explorers Hangout Reef Live 12 Hour Hangout In the Media Revealing World Heritage Marine Sites for WOD 2 years. 19 Countries. 1 Million Images. Smart Every Day Episode: Capturing the Great Barrier Reef Launching the Catlin Global Reef Record CNN's Going Green with Philippe Cousteau Google+ Underwater Hangouts Video Google I/O 2013 - Dive into Google Oceans Revealing Galapagos with Google Maps Introduction to the Catlin Seaview Survey The Catlin Seaview Survey The Catlin Seaview Survey Complete Presentation Deep Reef Coral Discoveries - WIN News Explore the ocean with Google Maps and Catlin Seaview Survey The Scientists of the Survey The importance of coral reefs The Science Explained The deep reef ROV The deep reef scientists collect coral samples Expedition planning session The deep reef scientists diving for coral samples The deep reef scientists at the Ribbon Reefs The day of the crossing A new coral recorded deep in Australian waters Collecting coral samples Monitoring the reef Herbivore Cameras Panoramic Images SVII Camera, Raja Ampat, Indonesia FIU Aquarius Reefbase, FKNMS Underwater Museum, Isla Mujeres, Mexico Mary Celeste Wreck, Bermuda Whalesharks, Isla Contoy, Mexico SVII surveys the Coral Nursery, FKNMS, Florida Oceanographic Museum of Monaco Sharks, Tubbataha Reef Natural Park Green Turtles, Heron Island, Australia Heron Island, Australia Manta Rays, Lady Elliot Island, Australia Turtle, Lady Elliot Island, Australia Lady Elliot Island, Australia Schooling fish, Lady Elliot Island, Australia Trevally under our reserach vessel, St. Crispens Reef, Australia Wilson Reef, Australia Philippe Cousteau on Wilson Island, Australia Antilles Shipwreck, Aruba Coral deadzone, Bonaire Substation Curacao, Curacao Eagle Ray, Long Cay, Belize SVII Camera on Glovers Reef, Bermuda Apo Island, Philippines Sea lions, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador Infographics The Real Costs of Coral reef Loss