Dr Pim Bongaerts

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Deep Reef

Pim leads the deep reef scientists of the XL Catlin Seaview Survey and oversees the associated research activities. Pim grew up in the Netherlands, but moved to Australia about six years ago. He now works as a researcher at the Global Change Institute (The University of Queensland), where he conducts research on mesophotic coral ecosystems. Pim has extensive experience in deep reef research in both the Indo-Pacific and Caribbean, and has published numerous papers on the molecular ecology of mesophotic corals. His PhD focused on the role of deep reefs as refugia from environmental disturbances, which he completed at The University of Queensland. His research has received several prizes and grant awards (including some from The Great Barrier Reef Foundation, The Explorers Club (NYC) and Australian Geographic), and has been featured by BBC Nature, Discovery News and New Scientist. Besides his training as a molecular ecologist, Pim has worked several years as a software developer. He is passionate about underwater technologies and exploration, and communicating his findings to the public. Pim is a qualified ADAS ROV Pilot and TDI Technical Diver.