Dr Paul Muir

Coral Taxonomist

Paul's expertise is in the area of coral biodiversity. His role will entail specimen preparation and time-lapse photography. Paul is originally from the UK, but has been living in Australia for most of his life. He works as a taxonomist in the Coral Research Unit at the Museum of Tropical Queensland (MTQ), which hosts one of the largest taxonomic coral collections in the world. Paul studies the diversity of corals in extreme reef environments, such as those at great depths or at higher latitudes. He is particularly interested in the staghorn corals (genus Acropora), which are the most diverse and abundant species on many reefs in the Indo-Pacific. Paul has an Honours degree in coral reproduction, and a PhD degree in marine microbiology and aquaculture, both from James Cook University. He is also very interested in software programming and robotics, and Paul is heavily involved in the development of custom technologies used in the project. Paul is a qualified ADAS ROV Pilot and TDI Technical Diver.