The Team

A project as ambitious as the Catlin Seaview Survey requires a particularly passionate team. Each team member brings with them a specialised skillset; learn more about our mix of marine biologists, fixers, communication specialists, scuba divers, underwater robot operators, multi-media and technology experts below.

Richard Vevers - Executive Director Lorna Parry - Head of Communications Christophe Bailhache - Head of Technology and Special Operations Ben Glasson - Senior Communications Manager Ellen Ray - Assistant Communications Manager Prof. Ove Hoegh-Guldberg - Chief Scientist Aaron Spence - Chief Technology Officer Richard Fitzpatrick - Cinematographer & Marine Biologist Jayne Jenkins - Photographer and Consultant Lynton Burger - Photographer Francesca Truter - Special Operations Field Manager Stefan Andrews - OWUSS Australasian Rolex Scholar Dr Manuel Gonzalez - Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Benthic Ecology Sophie Ansel - Field Assistant - Special Operations Dr Pim Bongaerts - Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Deep Reef Dr. Benjamin P. Neal - Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Coral Ecology Anjani Ganase - University of Queensland Phd Candidate Erin McFadden - Marine Biologist Dr Kyra Hay - Marine Biologist Dr Paul Muir - Coral Taxonomist Norbert Englebert - University of Queensland Phd Candidate David Whillas - ROV Operator Dr Linda Tonk - Marine Biologist Peter Dalton - Field Technical Officer Dominic Bryant - Catlin Oceans Scholar Ana Teresa Herrera-Reveles - Volunteer Research Scientist Veronica Radice - Catlin Oceans Scholar Kristen Brown - Catlin Oceans Scholar Catherine Kim - Catlin Ocean Scholar Sara Naylor - Project Manager Ulrike Siebeck - Senior Research Fellow, Catlin Seaview Survey Abbie Taylor - Program Officer (Administration), Catlin Seaview Survey Shari Stepanoff - Project Officer Jennifer McGowan - PhD student with CEED (Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions)